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    Our factory arial view.

Nannooh Brothers, established in 1951 and known for their high quality brushes and ethical trade practices, has phenomenally grown and strategically diversified into various categories of brush making such as Paint Brushes, Housekeeping Brushes and Industrial Brushes. The flagship company is now globally recognized in the brush industry.

Nannooh Brothers effects cutting edge innovation by constantly updating and adapting the latest developments and technologies in brush making across the globe. An experienced team with the expertise in designing, developing and manufacturing brushes makes Nannooh Brothers, the Pioneers in the field of innovative brush manufacturing in India.

The exclusive range of our brushes has an effortless touch of efficiency with the state of the art European CNC machines and the use of imported high quality filaments. We effectively manufacture brushes that are truly of world class under the supervision of engineers and the deft employees. It is no surprise that our brushes are exported and accepted in various countries.

In the domestic market, our brushes are marketed under the brand name 'Crown Brushes'. Our range of Housekeeping Brushes is sold through major supermarkets and departmental stores. Our range of Paint Brushes is distributed through an ever growing network of hardware stores. We develop and produce custom made brushes that best meet the specific requirements of various industries for various applications including de-burring, buffing and finishing.

Come, make your endeavors hassle free like never before.

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  • Exclusive range of brushes
  • World class brushes manufacture
  • Export quality brushes